Lely Robotics

Finger Lakes Dairy specializes in sales and service for Lely robotics including the Lely Astronaut, Juno, and Vector systems. The Lely Astronaut combines smart technology, which individually monitors each cow, with a natural milking cycle creating a healthy and stress free system leading to more milk per cow. The Lely Juno is a self guided feed pushing system saving time for you and creating more available feed time for the cows. In conjunction with the Juno is the Lely Vector, a self guided alley feed system insuring that your cows will have feed available 24/7.

Lely Astronaut

Lely Juno

Lely Vector

Lely Discovery Collector


Boumatic Parlors

Boumatic are our parlor and milking supply partner offering a wide range of solutions to meet your farm's specific needs. 


Madero Rotary Milkers

Madero offers top of the line rotary milking parlors to meet any large farms milking requirements. Feel free to see more about Madero at


 Service Department

“It is our mission to help keep your quality premiums high, and your operational costs low. Helping people succeed is at the forefront of everything we do. Aside from the 24/7 support that we offer, please contact us to talk about ways to proactively minimize emergency situations.” 


Route Truck Delivery

Our professional and friendly route sales staff is able to make regular deliveries to the farmstead for a wide variety of items including animal care, chemical delivery, and other miscellaneous items important to the everyday operation of your farm. For any questions feel free to contact our route truck manager Jim Vitale at 315-952-9239.



Finger Lakes Dairy Service's expert installation crew is ready to quickly and efficiently install your farm's new milking system. 

Chemicals Sales

We also work with several chemical companies in order to supply you with the highest quality chemicals at competitive prices. Our chemical warehouse is able to service and deliver any sized system and will work with you to create a solution that works best for you.