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Lee Pratt

Whitney Davis

Lee Pratt is our small equipment sales specialist providing solutions for tie stall barns and parlors. Lee specializes in equipment upgrades and automation options to provide labor and cost savings as well as improved herd health. Lee’s solution offerings also includes activity systems, automation of calf feeding, robotic feed pushers, automated cow brushes, barn lighting and milk cooling/storage solutions. Please contact Lee directly at 315-952-7464 (cell phone), email

Whitney Davis is our dairy equipment project specialist with a focus on Lely robotic milking systems, rotary and parallel parlors, and milk cooling/storage equipment. Providing solutions to meet specific goals and challenges, Whitney’s specialty includes project planning, barn layout (new and retrofit evaluation), automation for labor savings/herd health benefits, return on investment calculations, and herd management strategies. Please contact Whitney directly at 315-745-9014 (cell phone), email

Lynford Wise

Jim Vitale

Lynford specializes in Jamesway manure spreaders and silo un-loaders as well as Trioliet mixer wagons. You can contact Lynford at 315-952-7461(cell phone), Seneca Farm and Home Supply at 315-568-1772 or email at

Jim Vitale is our route truck manager as well as our chemical sales manager. Jim's specialty includes providing solutions for chemical needs and usage, as well as scheduling and providing information on all aftermarket sales. If you would like to schedule a visit to your farm, or regular route truck delivery you can contact Jim at 315-952-9239 (cell phone), email